At least I’m not working with a caste system. Or one with staticly typed classes.

I am anxiously awaiting my 21st birthday; Like most people my age, I’m not actually a stranger to alcohol, but being able to acquire such myself will be a nice change. I’ve never been a fan of age-based restricions; I believe we should lower the voting age, lower the drinking age, lower the driving age, be more flexible in our age-of-consent laws…

I was looking forward to  finally hitting the last age-based milestone, but then I realized that there’s one more to go. And, unlike the age of drinking, which is state decided though uniform aross the nation, It’s written into the very constituion. I cannot yet attain the office of President.

This really annoys me, actually. Not that I intended to vote for someone under 35, or would even really consider it. But it is another arbitrary age-drawn line. There are people I know who’re old enough to be my father, yet nowhere near mature enough. There are those whom are barely older than me whom I’d vote for any day of the week, if they decided they were going into politics. It’s unfortunate that we’ve got this restriction.