Adventure Log

My ego needs a boost (Ha!), so I’ve decided to write down an accomplishment each day. The past three days have been easy; Tonight is looking a little harder. On Saturday morning I wrote up a doc abotu dealing with “over protection” failure; What to do when a customer loses more drives than they were set to protect for. On Sunday night I figured out, finally, how to cause those in an elegant way. Even with our QA tools, this is not easy on OneFS. Monday morning I documented sparse file behavior, and filed a bug that has gained minor traction; One of our Engineering Managers chimed in approvingly. Today… I’ve survived. Dealt with a few cases, too. Not much more than that, sadly.

I am stupid

I have spent a good several hours over the past several months fighting with my ubuntu machine. It would come up and attempt to mount my raid (A simple RAID1 over two drives), and, upon boot, try and mount the MD device with /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb, not /dev/sdb1. It turned out that, while a mdadm -E didn’t show it, /dev/sdb had enough of a superblock on it that mdadm tried to use it as part of an array… And that prevented it from reading the partition table, preventing me from even manually mounting it. I used –zero-superblock to clear it, and suddenly my machine is booting fine.

On Ass.

I have recently acquired a PS3 and a PSP, so I am going back and playing all the games for them that I meant to, but missed. Unfortunately, I have not actually paid attention to what were good games for these systems. This has led me to pick up two very ill-advised games.

First  is “Work Time Fun”, which is anything but. As minigame collections go, it is ass. There’s nothing redeeming. The only reason I bought it was because I thought it was from Lone Sausage, the creators of Dr. Tran, but it turns out that there’s simply a similar looking vietnamese kid on the cover. Bleh.

Next up is Noby Noby Boy. Noby Noby Boy is amazing. Never before has there been a game where the chief, and in fact only, game mechanic is filling up the creators ego. In Noby Noby boy, you play an earthworm-like thing called BOY, and you eat stuff and get bigger. If this sounds like Katamari, you’ve figured out it’s pedigree. About the only thing that Noby Noby Boy has going for it is that, as you grow, your gameplay statistics are uploaded to make the space-earthworm known as GIRL grow. There’s nothing else to do. There’s some cute psychadelic flavor, but if you’ve played the later Katamaris you’ve already gotten your fill of such. That’s all there really is to it. It’s a wank-fest for  Keita Takahashi.