Against Privacy

I have a friend, a good friend of several years. We laugh, we joke,  we gossip, and we’re part of a larger community, so we often share tidbits of conversations with each other. All of this was well and good; The community is not super-open, but well enough open that all of this was acceptable.

As happens from time to time, new people join the community. Recently, my friend has made friends with a new member. This newbie seems nice enough, however, they are very concerned about privacy. They seem like a nice enough person, and I’ve had enjoyable conversations with them in the past. However, they also have a secret. And thus, privacy.

Now, I’m a staunch anti-privatist. The world is far too prudish for me to be as open as I’d like, but I do try and be as open as I can, and while I’ve been burned, I’ve also profited from it. I know my game theory, and it turns out that games of perfect information are a lot more fair than games with hidden information. Many people I know have told me “Google is destroying privacy”, and I have replied with “I know, isn’t it wonderful?” Privacy benefits larger entities; Corporations, Governments, and special interests. Public information benefits the common good.

I’ve recently gotten into trouble with my friend; and I can only liken it to a playground metaphor. Friend A has a cool new friend, B, and now A won’t hang out with me. Nor will B. Friend A gets in trouble for laughing, joking, or, most of all. gossiping with me. I’ve put up sincere effort to be friendly with B; They are concerned for their privacy whenever I try to share a joke or try to share in a joke. It’s not cool, it’s hurting my friendship with A, and it’s a dick move from square 1.

So, basically, Fuck You, Tango_. You and your Wife can do whatever you’d like; I really don’t care. But be a human being; There’s only drama when you make it.